The Moon and You and Me

This photo provided by the Rikubetsu Astronomy and Terrestrial Science Museum, on Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido, shows the moon glowing red during a lunar eclipse seen in the northern Japan sky on Tuesday night, August 28, 2007. The Earth's shadow crept across the moon's surface slowly eclipsing it and turning it to shades of orange and red during second total lunar eclipse this year. (AP Photo/Rikubetsu Astronomy and Terrestrial Science Museum)

I watched the moon arising,

From across a bay

On the other side of the world

In a country far away

Rise slowly from the land

The moon it seemed close by

As it drifted slowly up

Into the darkening sky

Until it sat as a silver globe

Far, far away

It is a vivid memory

Looking back across the bay

And as the night grew longer

The moon it turned blood red

It is a vivid memory

Imprinted on the brain

Of watching the moon arising

From across that bay

And back at home at the years end

On the other side of the world

I sat again and watched

From on top of a Dartmoor Hill

The night sky growing darker

The stars shining bright and still

As the moon again turned red

An eclipse designed to thrill

And so it’s been forever

That the people of this world

No matter their location

Look every night to see

The moon that we ALL share

The Moon

And You

And Me

David Palethorpe