Nightmare of Brown

Nightmare of Brown


I know it was my weakness

I know it’s brought me down

Now I’m living on the streets

Of this sad and dirty town

I don’t know how it started

Smoking brown, Smoking crack

I only know whatever’s said

There is no going back

I’m sick, I’m scared, I’m frightened

It’s turned my life around

I’ve wrecked my friends and family

And turned their love to hate

I know I control my fate

I’ve stolen, lied and cheated

To get my daily fix

I’ll smoke more crack,

I’ll inject more brown

It’ll make me feel so good

I’ll smoke more crack

I’ll inject more brown

Until I’m in then ground

The nightmare will soon be over

No more will I be found

Hunting around these grubby streets

For disgusting, dirty brown.

David Palethorpe