Ecological Lament – We Need It Alive

Ecological Lament – We Need It Alive


They say the earth is dying

And that we’ll not survive

The question is what’ll it be like

In the year 2065

Man embraced the revolution

Industry has improved our lives

The cost? Global pollution

That threatens nature’s life

The ozone layers depleting

Because our home is overheating

Causing ice caps to be melting

To a point of no return

We’re causing untold natural grief

Killing off the coral reef

Man’s eyes closed to the future

It’s all about right now

But when all the forests have burned

Leaving nothing behind but dust

It’ll be man who bears’ the cost

Of betraying our planets trust

We all want man to flourish

We all want man to thrive

But most of we need to want

An earth that is ALIVE

David Palethorpe