The coffin of Private Eleanor Dlugosz is carried by friends and colleagues at the sunset repatriation ceremony at Basra Air Station in Iraq. Today, Wednesday 11th April 2007, saw the Repatriation Ceremony take place at Basra Air Station in southern Iraq of second Lieutenant Joanne Dyer from the Intelligence Corps, Corporal Kris O'Neill from the Royal Army Medical Corps, Private Eleanor Dlugosz from the Royal Army Medical Corps and Kingsman Adam Smith from the 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. The four were killed by a roadside bomb attack against a Warrior Armoured Vehicle during a patrol to the west of Basra City on the morning of Thursday 5th April.


Politicians sent our sons

To thunder across a historic land

They administered death

With bullets and blood

And by the deeds that were done

Anger was what was formed

Hopes of peace have now been lost

Along with souls as the warriors fall

The time to reflect is a time to mourn

As the killing goes on more and more

Win hearts and minds was the political call

But the guns still roar as our heroes fall

Mothers will cry for the sons that they birthed

As they lay them to rest beneath mother earth

David Palethorpe