Time to Achieve an Objective – A perspective


892 days of zero squared action

How Long Does it take – A perspective

This morning as I cycled from Earls Barton home it struck me as I once again passed this sign that a number of historical military achievements had been accomplished in less time than it has taken to repair it amongst which to name but a few are,

It took only 72 days from 2 April 1982 to 14 June 1982 to launch an invasion of the Falkland Islands and restore to them the sovereignty that the islanders democratically chose to enjoy

It took 202 days to release Kuwait from their invaders during the Iraq, Desert Storm War from 2 August 1990 to 28 February 1991

It took 336 days from the D Day invasion of Normandy on the 6 June 1944 which was the largest amphibious invasion in history to the end of WW2 on the 8 May 1945.

It took a great deal longer some 671 days and some of the most intensive fighting of WW2 to accomplish the Italy Invasion from 10 July 1943 to 2 May 1945

What is the relevance of these periods of time?

They were logistical challenges that are overcome by commitment and the need to get the job done.


Not a great advert for their ‘Approved supplier’ who may regret being on the NBC,NCC list if this is their attitudes

So why is it that it has taken to date 892 days to date (2 August 2015) it having first been reported on 23 February 2013 for the Conservative controlled Council in Northampton and Northamptonshire and the local County Councillor for the area to do the square root of zero to repair or replace the road sign as you enter Ecton Brook from Earls Barton???

I wonder if Somerset or Nottinghamshire Councils would have taken so long?