MackChicken – Crow, Crow, Cluck Cluck, Pay Up

King Roster, Flapping about making a noise
King Rooster, Flapping about making a noise

MackChicken – Crow, Crow, Cluck Cluck, Pay Up

Still no sign that the MackChickens having made a great deal of noise in the local press are going to put their money where their spin is.

As the run up to the General and Borough Council Election gathers speed the approach from the Northampton Conservatives and Cllr Mackintosh, the architect of their campaign has become clear.

Malign, insult and smear your opponents to divert attention away from his record.

A record that has left Northampton with the highest level of borrowing and debt in the history of the Northampton all of which has to be paid back by the taxpayer.

And the Conservatives have the brass neck to say that Labour are the spend, spend, spend, borrow, borrow, borrow party.

The smear campaign which has been ongoing for the past three years has intensified over the past month when Cllr David Mackintosh announced to the local media how disgraceful it was that I had failed to attend a full Council meeting for six months.

The fact that it wasn’t true is of course what we now come to expect from the Leader of the Council, but heyho why let the truth spoil a good press release or headline.

The fact is as I have openly admitted, I have been absent from five out of thirty-eight of the meetings in the past four years.

Cllr Mackintosh from his high and mighty self-erected moral pedestal was keen to point out that Labour Councillors by not attending Full Council meetings weren’t value for money and that he, ‘as the great arbiter of what is morally right’ would be tabling an emergency motion at the Council meeting on the 19th January.

I published a response which was released during the meeting and which I am reliably informed from within the Conservative group caused a great deal of anger at being exposed by their own leaders actions as charlatans and political chancers.

Cllr Mackintosh did in fact table the following emergency motion (what else could he do having briefed the press) which was agreed by the Conservative Mayor who probably felt that he had to support the man he helped to the Leadership and who has subsequently been rewarded for his “loyalty”

Matters of Urgency Which By Reason Of Special Circumstances The Mayor is of The Opinion Should Be Considered.
The Mayor, following a request by the Leader of the Council, has agreed an urgent item to consider the attendance of Cllrs Subbarayan, Eales, Palethorpe and Davies at Council meetings

The question is this,

“If Cllr Mackintosh and his Conservatives were so certain of their position why did he withdraw it at the last-minute”?

Could it be that he was badly advised?

Or was it the fact that the Conservatives having missed ninety one Full Council Meetings between them didn’t want it to be revealed in the Council Chamber for fear that it would be reported in the Chronicle and Echo.

After all it was a fact Cllr Mackintosh seems to have conveniently omitted during his briefing of the media.

The great thing about social media however is that people have the opportunity to put the record straight directly to the public, or at least to those who wish to follow and read them.

The fact is that up to the 19th January the cumulative total number of Full Council meetings missed by Councillors in the past four years that Cllr Mackintosh was so keen to raise as a major issue of democratic failure is,

Conservatives 91 meetings missed, Labour 51 meetings missed, Liberal Democrats 8 meetings missed

It may not have escaped the attention of some that the number of meetings missed by Conservative Councillors, including one by Cllr Mackintosh when he travelled to India with his good friend Eric Pickles MP, is almost twice as many as those missed by the other groups.

MackChicken and his flock? Pay Up
MackChicken and his flock? Pay Up

I challenged Cllr Mackintosh and his Conservatives that if they were so outraged and concerned about value for tax payers money as they claimed then they should back it up by donating £25 to the Mayors Charity for every meeting they have missed.

At this point I should say that over the weekend, when talking to a member of the Conservative group about another issue, I was told that Cllr Mackintosh has already made it clear they won’t pay up.

It is all very well Cllr Mackintosh strutting around the Guildhall like a “king rooster on heat” posing and making a great deal of noise but there comes a time when he and his “harem of hens” have to stop flapping and deliver.

Or accept being exposed as nothing more than scared chickens, running for cover.

It isn’t as if they can’t afford to pay , after all he has been happy to take the 63% increase in Councillor Allowances that he claims to despise so much and £25 a meeting is only the equivalent to paying three hours at the Living Wage rate of £7.85/hour.

I’ve already donated £125 for the five meetings I’ve missed in the past four years and by my reckoning the Northampton Conservatives under the leadership of their Rooster King owe the Mayors Charity £2275.

Will he back his criticism of the opposition or will he turn out to be less a King Rooster and more a MackChicken?

Come on Cllr MackChicken, let’s have less of Crow, Crow, Cluck, Cluck,

It’s time Pay Up.