Who Exactly Did You Say Cannot Be Trusted?



When you are not trustworthy, best to accuse someone else to deflect attention
When you are not trustworthy, best to accuse someone else to deflect attention

Who Cannot Be Trusted?

The decision taken by Councillor David Mackintosh, the Conservative Leader of the Borough Council to exclude Councillor Sally Beardsworth from the Northampton Housing Board is based on a lame excuse to cover up his existing dislike and vindictive spite of Sally.

The latest, what in any other walk of life would be seen as nothing less than vexatious bullying that would cost him his job is nothing new and simply a continuation of his previous attempts to malign and discredit Sally.

It all started as far back as the 16th January 2012 when at a Full Council meeting Sally had the audacity and temerity to table the following motion without, and this is what caused him to go into one of his now famous, “I’ll get you for this” tantrums, talking to and getting his permission.

All because he couldn't have the glory of proposing the Lancers get the Freedom of Northampton
All because he couldn’t have the glory of proposing the Lancers get the Freedom of Northampton

Councillor Beardsworth to propose and Councillor Conroy to second:

“That in recognition of the recruitment link between The 9th / 12th (Prince of Wales) Lancers, Northampton and Northamptonshire and of the special relationship that has been generated between the regiment and people of Northampton, following the home-coming parades (Iraq 2009 and Afghanistan 2011), the Freedom of Northampton be extended to members of The 9th/ 12th(Prince of Wales) Lancers.”

The reaction from Cllr Mackintosh is what we have now come to expect from him when he immediately informed Sally that she was being removed as a member of the Borough Council Housing Steering Committee and all because Sally and Roger proposed to recognise the courage and contribution of servicemen and women.

At subsequent meetings Cllr Mackintosh, as has been seen and mentioned before when highlighting his misogynistic attitude towards women, has taken every opportunity available to him to make personal comments about Cllr Beardsworth always from the comparative safety and protection of either being in the Council Chamber or as the Chair of a Cabinet meeting.

Hiding behind the security of the Council Constitution and when challenged asking the Mayor or Borough Solicitor to protect him.

Spitefulness supported by a cowardly and devious nature has been the refuge of the bully throughout the ages, characteristics that his ongoing attitude towards Sally has been yet again revealed.

As for the excuse dragged out at the last-minute for the exclusion of Sally, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Council Housing, it is pathetic.

It is common knowledge that Sally has a son who worked for the Council and she has never made a secret of it and I for one believe that if it hasn’t been officially declared as an interest it was a genuine oversight.

In the past the oversight would have been brought to her attention by the administration but just as with Joy Capstick, this is a man who is so small-minded it isn’t difficult to imagine him sat rubbing his hands with glee as the days tick off, waiting for the opportunity to use it

How the local media haven’t picked up on the number of occasions his approach, attitude, integrity, honesty and character has been called into question, investigated and brought to the attention of the public beggars belief.

Legitimate to ask why the cost of the demolition had risen by 20% to £5 million
Legitimate to ask why the cost of the demolition had risen by 20% to £5 million

In the past Councillors who have acted in less of disgraceful manner have only too readily been leapt upon, relentlessly pursued and their behaviour displayed on the front page.

It may be of course that people have been warned off taking to close a look at Councillor Mackintosh?

I can’t help thinking that when Cllr Mackintosh recently made it public that he would no longer talk to Sally and the Liberal Democrats because they can’t be trusted shows just how childish and vindictive he is.

The crime that has led to them not being trustworthy was apparently for having the nerve to raise why after having been told that Greyfriars demolition would cost no more than £4 million it had suddenly risen by the best part of £1 million.

How can a legitimate challenge to the cost that has to be paid by the taxpayer of a project rising by almost 20% be considered as an excuse to stop talking to an opposition group elected to represent the public interest?

I haven’t always agreed with Sally and the Liberal Democrats but it beggars belief that it is Councillor Mackintosh who is talking of being untrustworthy.

Given his record on Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust, Friends of Delapre Abbey, Egyptian Society, Arts Council, Northgate Bus Station, Grosvenor Centre, Abington Street, Ms Gunnilla Roe, Swearing using the F*** word at a lady Councillor, Unethical Sekhemka sale untruthful statements, Rising Violent Crime, Failure of Environment contract, increased fly tipping, huge, 2.6 million fall in Northampton Town Centre Visitors, Questions over how and to who event contracts are awarded, questions over how he was selected as the Northampton South Conservative PPC, etc, etc????

So who exactly cannot be trusted
So who exactly cannot be trusted?

It will have raise a wry smile if not outright hilarity from all of those who have been on the receiving end of his scheming and character assassination en-route to his present position.

So Councillor Mackintosh,

“Who exactly did you say cannot be trusted”?