Defining Image of Northampton?

Desperate excuses for incompetence of administration
Desperate excuses for incompetence of administration

Defining Image of Northampton?

I’ll start this with a brief story that sums up the level of absolute desperation in which the Northampton Conservatives now find themselves.

Last week there was a ceremony held at the Guidlhall to install three new Hereditary Freemen at which a Conservative Councillor told some of those who attended that the ‘Town Gridlock’ when the Northgate Bus Station opened was the fault of deliberate sabotage.

Apparently, as reported to me the day after the ceremony, Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors met with the bus drivers on the Thursday before the Bus Station opened and ‘planned’ for it to fail.

Presumably whoever was involved in the planned sabotage also met with the car drivers who used College Street to enlist their help in flooding into Northampton at the appropriate time to bring it to a standstill?

There has been two incidents in the past three months that may well be the defining images of Northampton, the first being of course the town coming to a grinding halt which has cost tens of thousands of taxpayers pounds to put right through extensive changes to the road network.

I’m reliably informed by someone who works for the bus companies that contrary to what we are being told they are still concerned that the day-to-day operation is balanced on a knife-edge and that it would only take a minor incident to see a repeat gridlock situation.

At least of course we have a Northampton song to remember the incident.

What will be interesting is to see if the number of visitors to the town, which Cllr Mackintosh assured us would be immediate and ongoing outcome of the new bus station has increased in the last quarter of the last financial year.

The second incident was the photograph of a woman ‘relieving’ herself in the middle of the day in Abington Street which has caused a plethora of instant reactions mainly revolving the use of the words outraged and disgusting.

The police according to social media networks are continuing to trace the woman who, and I accept I may be in a majority of one raises the question of is it really good use of police resources?

Before the ‘outraged of xx’ start let me say I don’t condone the act but I’m certainly not going to jump on the ‘flog and drag her through the streets’ brigade without finding out exactly what happened.

Public comments have summed up perception of Northampton
Public comments have summed up perception of Northampton

For all anyone knows the woman may be suffering from severe physical and/or mental illness needing help and not ‘off the cuff’ castigation.

The problem of course is that with the increase in use of and access to the social media politicians are as the town centre gridlock and woman in Abington Street clearly demonstrated no longer able to control the flow of information and propaganda.

It means the defining images of Northampton for 2014 may well end up being that of the Northampton Conservatives incompetence in planning the Bus Station opening and a woman peeing in the street.

Welcome to Northampton?