Following in Dads Footsteps

Circle continues
Circle continues

Following in Dads Footsteps

All of my friends had holidays
And a real good time
I had to say my dads away
I’d pretend it was fine
Days out with my dad
Were times I seldom had

When he was home
It was really good fun
I loved to be with him
And from school to home I’d run
He cuddled us all
And was in love with Mum

Everyday he used to say
Never again would he go away
He always took us where he had to go
The pub, the fair a concert show.
When I was with him I felt so proud
He made me feel special in a crowd.

But dreams again began to fade
When dad again was sent away
I’ve followed in his footsteps
My kids think its sad
That I swore when I grew up
I’d never be like dad.

David Palethorpe