Face the Future

Facing a future of crime
Facing a future of crime

Face the Future

Here I am, having been sent down
A sentence to serve to satisfy the crown
All that I do is now think of you
When I get out will it still be true

I’ve had enough of committing crime
While inside I am getting a sign
To carry on offending or to get into line

While I write all these words
I believe them to be true

I now realise what I’ve done breaks your heart
I’m really sorry for not being smart

I regret all the things that I have done
But have to admit there is more than one

If I could change I know that I will
Promise that I won’t lie, cheat or steal

Sadly when out I’ll not see them through
The options for me are very few

A return to crime is a future I face
And another sentence back in this place.

David Palethorpe