Francis Crick Memorial – Northampton Pride

Francis Crick Memorial
Francis Crick Memorial

Francis Crick Memorial – Northampton Pride

I was a member of the Borough Council Cabinet who agreed to the Francis Crick Memorial being sited in Abington Street for two very simple reasons.

Firstly to signify the importance of the huge discovery that he was instrumental in making and secondly that it should be a place where everyone who visits the town can see it.

OK why is the Francis Crick memorial so important.

The discovery of the human bodies programming which “as everyone knows” is a language which contains only four of the 26 letters in the alphabet A, C, G, and T named after the chemical elements that make up deoxyribonucleic acid is arguably one of if not the greatest discovery in science ever.

To those who haven’t switched on deoxyribonucleic acid is more commonly, and thankfully to those who can’t cope with tongue twisters, known as DNA.

For those with a mathematical bent the letters, A, C, G and T can be formed into 64 three letter words which are then formed into strings of 300 and represent somewhere in the region of 50,000 gene instructions.

I’ve tried to understand how DNA works and the best I can come up with is that it’s how the cells that make up our bodies receive messages from the genes and that an aberration of a single gene can determine and alter the state of our health and/or behaviour.

The fact that Francis Crick came from Northampton and went to Northampton School for Boys is something that people should be immensely proud of.

Who for instance would have guessed what impact the discovery would have and that a single letter from the 50,000 is a major deciding factor if you’re going to be a potential Olympic Gold Medallist.

And as for criminals who think and in the past have beaten the system and avoided conviction with they now haven’t a hope, though I would hazard a guess that the results don’t come back in 24 hours like they show in television programmes.

I suggested some time ago that if the Francis Crick Memorial has to be moved to make way for a return of traffic to Abington Street it should be located in the Market Square or perhaps in the public space outside of All Saints Church.

The recognition of one of the greatest discoveries in scientific and medical history is important to Northampton and is why the location of the Memorial is also important to ensure the maximum number of people can see it.

I only hope the Northampton Conservative Leadership recognise its importance.