Pay to be Scarred for Life – WHY?

They look great - sometimes!!
They look great – sometimes!!

Pay to be Scarred for Life – WHY?

After years of playing sport, and especially rugby I along with others who have put themselves through the weekly ‘enjoyment’ of taking part in competitive activities have a number of ‘scars’.

None of which I would voluntarily expose to the innocent public.

I take some perverse comfort that at least the scars collected are an unintentional by-product of playing sport and in the days when you had to “Pay to Play”, what was euphemistically called ‘Club Dues’ I earned them.


Whilst on my recent holiday one thing that became very apparent, apart that is that most people should keep their clothes on, is the number of people who have got tattoos, and especially the number of middle-aged and older people who have clearly only recently had them.

I admit that some of the artwork, was just that,

and very intricate and clever artwork it is to.

This may come as a surprise considering I spent almost 23 years in the Royal Navy but for the life of me I can’t think why anyone would pay good money to be intentionally scarred for life.

Even stranger is the location of the tattoos!!

Why is it that people and especially women choose to have a tattoo in the middle of their lower back or on a shoulder-blade which can only be seen by other people unless they carry a hand mirror around with them?

And what is it with the latest craze of tattooing the ‘nether regions’ which no one can see under their shorts/trousers and only by the individual if they pose nude in front of a mirror?

Not an image that I’d choose to think about.

And how bloody painful must it be to have a tattoo in ‘delicate and sensitive’ areas?

It is perhaps why I have never had a tattoo.

This was a matter of conversation at home when another factor I hadn’t thought about was made.

A female friend of our daughter was thinking of having a tattoo until one of her friends asked the following question,

“How many clothes have you had in your wardrobe for longer than six months that you would wear again”?

Good point.

She decided that a tattoo would be for life changed her mind and chose to go for retail therapy instead.

So yes I’ll never understand the motivation behind people having tattoos but I respect their right to have one if they want to.

Just one plea.

If you are going to have one, and especially one in vibrant colours, please cover them up when out in the sun

They look bloody awful when they start to fade.

and please, please, please don’t have them on the crinkly bits of the body that constantly looks as if it needs ironing.