Conservative (Rotten) Cabbages and Turnips Con Trick

David Palethorpe

It had been brought to my attention that the figures for the allowances being taken from the tax payers pockets by Cllr David Mackintosh are inaccurate and that a correction should in all fairness be made to this blog.

I am happy to re-blog with the correct figures.

Apparently Cllr Mackintosh also receives £5,000 as an Assistant Cabinet Member of the County Council, and therefore this year will receive a minimum of £36,000 a year in allowances and not the £31,000 as previously published.

My apologies.

Conservative (Rotten) Cabbages and Turnips Con Trick

At Wednesday night’s Northampton Borough Council Cabinet meeting where they presented the Conservative Budget Proposals for consultation you couldn’t be anything but struck by three comments.

One was from Cllr Alan Bottwood, the Cabinet Member responsible for Finance that the proposed budget was a continuation of service reductions and increased savings which as we all know is…

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