Being Laughed At? – Why So Glum?

"Please Northampton taxpayer pay for our mistake"
“We’re in charge but it isn’t our fault so Please Northampton taxpayer pay for our mistake”

Once again having been caught bang to right the first reaction of the Northampton Conservatives is to immediately cry,

“It isn’t our fault”

in fact I doubt if this was their first reaction which I belive would have been given their past record to seek out just who ‘leaked’ it to the press.

It is said that with arrogance also comes spite and the current Northampton Conservative administration are well-known for making sure those who stand up to them are summarily removed.

Would the debacle over failing to renew the licences happened if the senior people in housing had not secretly left the authority?

Who knows?

What is clear is that to blame the ‘licensing authority’ for not reminding them is not only nonsense but ridiculous.

How many people have house insurance, car insurance, car tax, television licences et al. which need renewing every year and so keep track of when it is due?

The difference of course is that if we failed to renew our vehicle tax or insurance in contravention of the law we wouldn’t be able to use tax payers money to pay for the mistake.

In trying to keep the error, some may say incompetence, hidden you have to wonder what else are they hiding?

Licence error forces lorries off Northampton’s roads – Politics – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.