What have they got to hide? Part 4 Ecton Brook Public House

What have they got to hide? Part 4 Ecton Brook Public House

When I wrote my blog recently, Ecton Public House – Why Lie? I expected some kind of reaction, especially because it was a question aimed at the Conservative Leader of the Council but what I didn’t expect is what I got,

“Complete and utter silence”.

Ignoring the fact that the leaflet in which the claim that the Ecton Brook Public House was going to be open for Community use was put out in April under the name of “Cllr David Mackintosh” during an election period which may well be against the electoral rules,

It appears that the claim was simply not true.

This was what Cllr Mackintosh said in his leaflet,

“David has been working on this issue for over two years and is pleased to have now found the solution. Later this year, the Ecton Brook Pub will be returned to community use”

Even though I had suspicions that it wasn’t true I of course had to have it confirmed before making the serious accusation that the Leader of the Council deliberately lied in a leaflet that was conveniently put out just before the County Council election!

In any other such circumstances and if faced with such an accusation wouldn’t you have thought that anyone with pretentious and ambitions of being a Member of Parliament would have come out fighting.

There are three things I expected to happen given the history of Cllr Mackintosh who in the past hasn’t been slow in reporting people to the authorities for challenging him or even simply questioning his character.

The first was a denial that he hadn’t been dishonest when he claimed to have “found a solution”, secondly to have provided evidence of proving that he had “found the solution” and thirdly to have reported me for accusing him of being untruthful.

The real people who have been betrayed by Cllr Mackintosh is of course the people of Ecton Brook who believed that they would at last and after many years of campaigning by not only me but also the Billing Parish Council have a Community facility.

The resident’s expectations were that the Ecton Brook Pub that has been boarded up for a number of years would be made fit for purpose and brought into community use.

In raising the public’s expectations, in the full knowledge that it was based on a false statement, all Cllr Mackintosh have really done is reinforce the public perception that politicians will say anything to get their votes.

Silence it is said speaks volumes.

However in order to get to the truth I have taken the unusual step of submitting the following request through the Freedom of Information Act to the Northampton Borough Council.

Residents of Ecton Brook deserve to be given the truth
Residents of Ecton Brook deserve to be given the truth

It will be very interesting not only to the residents of Ecton Brook but also to me to see what the response to my request is.

In being caught ‘bang to rights’ Cllr Mackintosh will now have to explain why he lied to the residents in Ecton Brook.

The biggest problem of course is that it understandably undermines the public’s faith in the political system and especially in the honesty of those who claim is working for the community.

What quite rightly is and should be of concern is if Cllr Mackintosh has indeed as the current evidence suggests lied about what to many outside of Ecton Brook may consider a relatively minor issue how can he be trusted with more important issues?

The other question of course raised by his and the Northampton Conservatives silence over this issue is simply,

” What are they trying to hide”?