How long will it take – How long will we wait?

300 Days and counting. Welcome to ORTHAMPTON
300 Days and counting. Welcome to ORTHAMPTON

How long will it take?

It is amazing that from the start of the first Gulf War following the Iraq invasion of Kuwait on the 2nd August 1990 the allied forces from over 34 nationals to the 28 February 1991 managed to not only congregate but also to win the war.

Amazing because of the massive undertaking of bringing and coordinating an operation of such complexity not only of communication between nations but in assembling the necessary equipment and implementing Operation Desert Storm all within 210 days.

The second Gulf War in 2003 of course apart from being so controversial to many started, or at least the invasion phase of the war from start to finish only lasted 42 days.

Now I know it isn’t a major international crisis and that people aren’t being asked to put their lives on the line.

But in the scale of cooperation both conflicts were unquestionably a success.

I also don’t want to trivialize War in any way whatsoever, but,

If such endeavours can be achieved what does it take to change a road sign?

Do we need to ask General Sir Peter de la Billière to come out of retirement and take charge?

It is now on the 28th December 300 days since this was first reported which for a Local Authority like the Northampton County Council with a budget of over a billion pounds is really I think long enough for them to have orders and fitted a replacement.

Which of course it clearly isn’t and we are expected to trust them to educate our children and grandchildren, look after the elderly and vulnerable and dare I say it repair our highways et al.

Welcome to Northampton Conservatives 2014?