Christmas Recycling Not I

Beware letting burglars know what you have bought
Beware letting burglars know what you have bought

Christmas Recycling Not I

I recently bumped in to one of my ‘ex-clients’, in other words an ex-prisoner who served time in HMP Wellingborough for burglary.

He has turned his life around and introduced me to his wife and young child and has a job.

What he said though during our chat when I asked them if they were looking forward to Christmas was really interesting and got me thinking about recycling over the holiday period.

In effect he said that,

“When I was stealing I loved Christmas, it was like having a catalogue telling me what people had got for Christmas because they all put their boxes and packaging out. The other thing is we know that people go to visit family so all you had to do was wait until they’d gone out”.

Putting aside the fact that burglary is such an awful offence because it is an invasion of people’s homes you can’t fault the logic of how a professional burglars mind works.

The latest information from the Northampton Borough Council is that recycling over Christmas will be temporarily changed so that ‘large cardboard’ and additional boxes can be left as side waste and will be collected.

The added bonus is that at least people won’t be getting ‘naughty stickers’ for a week or so.

I had no idea what Santa was going to leave under Palethorpe Christmas tree, but now that I know how burglars operate at this time of year there is one thing I am certain of, and that is,

We won’t be recycling packaging this year.

Why make it easy for the burglar?