Brian Binley – Ignore the Hype

Brian Binley MP, A decent man
Brian Binley MP, A decent man

Brian Binley – Tribute to a Decent Man

It was good to talk to Brian at yesterdays Remembrance Parade in Northampton and to get his take on the latest round of criticism of him in the Daily Telegraph.

Whether people agree or disagree with the politics of Brian Binley MP for Northampton South there can be no argument that he has always stood up for the people of Northampton.

Even if it has meant arguing against his own Government.

I can hear people now saying “but isn’t that what he should be doing anyway”?

and of course that’s right but the question is, and sadly it is a sad reflection on the type of MP we currently see in Westminster or who have ambitions to be MP’s, that Brian is an exception.

What many don’t know is that it was Brian who first instigated and prime mover behind the successful bid for the SEMLEP Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone and without whose support in providing me with access to the other MP s in the region simply wouldn’t have happened.

His work in supporting the WNDC senior management and arguing in the corridors of power for investment in Northampton was instrumental in funding being made available for the new Rail Station and Bus Interchange.

Brian as we know has been a severe critic of the lack of support and investment for small and medium size businesses and who can fail to recall his comment that George Osbourne has lost his “economic toolbox” and his reference to the Government as being led by “sleazy second-hand car salesmen”.

Yes Brian is a bit of a peacock and certainly larger than life when on public display which may not be to everyone’s taste.

But there is another side of Brian that I believe reveals the true character of the man.

In January this year my mother-in-law became very ill and was being treated in the Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital who were absolutely brilliant but sadly mum declined and passed away at home with us in February.

It was obviously a difficult time for the family but what stood out was that Brian was in Talbot Butler having treatment for his well publicised fight against cancer at the same time, a fight I am delighted he appears to be winning.

What was unremarkable and a sign of his quality was that even though he had his own problems to deal with, Brian on finding out that Agnes was in hospital took the time to go and visit her.

It was the action of a decent man who really understands that whatever differences people may have with each other common decency and caring about people is what in the long-term really counts.

It is perhaps why he is so well-respected and it will be his thoughtfulness and actions in January that my family will remember and always be grateful for.

I hope he now has a long and contented retirement, but knowing him doubt that he will ever fully retire.

A decent honest man and excellent local MP who will always look you in the eye and be straight with you.

He will be a difficult act to follow.