Ignore the rain it’s only weather go and have fun

It is Summer have fun
It is Summer have fun

Ignore the rain it’s only weather go and have fun

OK so it isn’t the summer of 1976 (for those too young it was wall to wall sunshine for months) and we have had some rain but for crying out loud isn’t it time to call a stop to blaming the weather for everything and treating it as some kind of Apocalypse.

It is only June and is still if not hot at least warm and even the occasional rain hasn’t been that heavy so why has it suddenly become a chore to go outside and enjoy the weather.

As someone who spent years in teaching physical education and coaching rugby and athletics I had the simple philosophy that being outdoors is better than being indoors no matter what the condition.

The last month once you get outside hasn’t in fact been that bad and as I learned years ago if necessary just put on a coat.

It isn’t as if we don’t know what really bad weather is like, it’s usually when the weather is below freezing and moving deeper into minus figures and rainfall that combined with heavy winds uproots trees.

Even compared to this time last year when we were faced with almost 30 hours of constant heavy rainfall, or Christmas in 2010 when the ground was freezing and covered in snow this year isn’t so bad.

And anyway don’t we need a variety of weather, the combination of sunshine and rain helps crops grow, freezing weather kills off vermin and other bugs so why complain.

The problem seems to be that rather than toughen people up it has turned us into a set of hysterical wusses who instead of putting on a jacket and getting on with it at the first hint of cloud and drizzle turn into gibbering idiots.

It's only rain, get out there
It’s only rain, get out there

The cry goes up that the end of the summer is nigh and all because we have had two or three days of rain most of which has been showers that has fallen during the night.

Even the Northampton Borough Council has joined the ‘Bad Weather Doom Merchants’ by blaming the fall in the number of people who visited Northampton in the last year on the weather.

Apparently people were getting off the bus in the old Greyfriars Bus Station and only shopping in the Grosvenor Centre, too scared to venture out in the rain and therefore not triggering the ‘footfall’ monitors in the Market Square and Abington Street?

The problem is that the weather miseries have become professionals in raising expectations of people to now expect that nothing less than blazing sunshine from sunrise to sunset with temperatures over 90 degrees under a clear blue sky is the only true definition of summer.

It means of course that if it isn’t and people both local and ‘tourists’ don’t visit our town we have a ready-made excuse for falling footfall in the town.

Of course it’s nonsense because no-one with any semblance of common sense would believe that people plan their day by looking out of the window or where visitors are concerned by listening to the weather forecasters.

Talking of whom.

Why is it that those who forecast the weather, or should it be those who present the weather on the television and radio now not only predict the weather but have turned it into a reality show?

Light drizzle has become dire warnings that we are facing apocalyptic storms which mean that the temperature will plummet and the only way people should leave the safety of their homes is if they are dressed for diabolical weather and carrying a survival pack.

And while I’m at it why do they spend time at the beginning of every weather forecast telling us what the weather was like the day before?

We were there and know what the weather was like.

It has now become quite common to see people who have listened to the dire warnings from the weather people sweating under layers of clothing, carrying an unnecessary umbrella in what if not blazing temperatures is at least warm weather.

If the local council leaders are to be beloved the 720,000 fewer visitors to Northampton in the last 12 months are a result of a nation who has now become nothing less than a bunch of mamby pamby wimps and wusses.

Perhaps what we really need is a change in approach and even a new positive ‘up and at them’ attitude and dare I say it a public relations marketing campaign along the lines of ‘Northampton – it’s a great place whatever the weather’?

If the town are looking for a lead they could always follow that set by the young people who have turned out in all weathers to make use of the Northampton Skate park,

But then again young people probably don’t listen to the weather doom soothsayers and rely on taking the old-fashioned attitude of just looking outside and then getting on with enjoying themselves.

It cannot be beyond the wit of the Northampton leaders to be able to convince visitors that there is enough to see and do in the town even with a little drizzle falling from the skies.

So the drizzle is coming down, forget it and get outside and have some fun.