Who is to Blame for the Mad and the Bad?

Individuals are responsible for crime not their nationality
Individuals are responsible for crime not their nationality

Who is to Blame for the Mad and the Bad?
Aaaagh!!!!!’ I’m incensed.

OK that’s got that out-of-the-way.

In that right-wing bastion of common sense and unbiased reporting, the Daily Mail, there is a report on what was a despicable crime where a young woman, Catherine Wells-Burr, was duped into a relationship as part of a plot to murder her and claim life insurance.

What has incensed me is that fact that the report refers to the perpetrators as being Polish and then infers that it was the result of the failing immigration policy which has allowed Eastern Europeans into the UK.

So are we to believe that anyone whose name ends in ‘ska’ or ‘ski’ or ‘icz’ et al are not to be trusted?

Apparently so.

What fun the right-wing press and politicians would have had if it had been Harold Shipman(ski) or Ian Huntley(icz) or Myra Hindley (ska), all of who are or were of course British.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the ‘copy’ in the Daily Mail with our local reporting of crime to see if it is consistent in its bias against perpetrators with ‘funny names’.

The Northampton Chronicle and Echo published in the week June 6 –   12 contained reports ranging from the theft of a safe from a children’s centre to murder without to their credit not once mentioning the nationality of the perpetrator.

The reality is that whilst it may be considered to be ‘good copy’ to pander to the small-minded ‘send them all home brigade’ it is wrong to politicize and stick a ‘it’s another bloody immigrant’ label on to what was a heinous crime.

It isn’t the nationality that determines whether individuals commit crime and to do so is both simplistic and in my view the product of a bigoted mind.

The facts are that in the same way we would reject any accusation from other countries that Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Harold Shipman, Ian Huntley, et al are a demonstration of the British character we should reject any such accusation against those who come to live in the UK.

The problem is that it is another example of the media, especially the right-wing media, demonizing everything foreign as being a drain or problem when in fact it is more probable that if faced by someone from Eastern Europe it will be,

In their capacity as someone who is working and supporting their own families, or in delivering front line services and not as some would have us all believe just scrounging off of the welfare state.

The ‘send them all home brigade’ have to be revealed for what they are – dishonest and ignorant of the value that the vast majority of immigrants to the UK add to our culture and society.

those involved in criminal justice system should be supported
those involved in criminal justice system should be supported

It is a sad fact that there are some evil people about who commit crime and rather than demonize whole sections of society the media would perhaps be better in asking why with such people about the Government think it appropriate to cut the number of police on the streets, close courts, privatise the probation service and close prisons.

It is not nationality that determines the mad and bad who commit crime so let’s not blame them.

Time will, I’m sure, show that cuts to those who prevent, detect, prosecute and detain perpetrators of crime will come back to haunt society and it will be a future Labour Government who will have to redress the balance.

It will be a balance that has to put the victim before the perpetrator based on the crime and its impact not on the nationality of those who commit the crime.