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Spot the difference – Progress?

Welcome to Northampton 10 March 2013?

Welcome to Northampton 10 March 2013?

Spot the difference – Progress?

When I wrote my blog on the 20th February (Signs Give Out the Wrong Message) and then followed it up on the 10th March (Different Day – Same Problem)  I presumed, incorrectly as it turns out that having also reported it to the Conservative controlled Borough Council something would happen.

It was a presumption based on the Conservatives claims that they were doing great things and raising a positive image of Northampton locally, nationally and internationally.

It was also a presumption based on the fact that the sign itself is in the County Council Division represented by non-other than Cllr David Mackintosh who also happens to be the Leader of the Borough Council.

Some weeks, in fact 15 weeks after first raising the issue progress has been nil.

Welcome (perhaps not) to Northampton 26 May 2013?

Welcome (perhaps not) to Northampton 26 May 2013?

So Welcome to Northampton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the positive side this was at least one photo opportunity that the leading photo opportunist of Northampton has turned down, though no doubt when they are finally shamed into doing something it will be another case of “Look what we’ve done for you”.


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