Northampton Tory Spin – Now We Know Why?

Time for the Northampton Conservatives to give Credit to those who are delivering
Time for the Northampton Conservatives to give Credit to those who are delivering

Tory Spin – Now We Know Why?

When I wrote my blog  (WNDC – Credit Where Credit is Due) giving credit to the WNDC for the fantastic work they have done in bringing forward regeneration plans for Northampton and their unqualified support which saw Northampton being awarded the largest Enterprise Zone in England (of which more in a future blog) little did I expect the Conservatives reaction.

It was the reactions of people who had clearly been caught out in trying to claim credit for others work and we now know why the Leader of the Council was so quick to complain that my blog contained information that could only have been ‘leaked’ to me.

Of course had he and the Northampton Conservatives done their homework they would have seen that everything I wrote about was already in the public domain and could have saved themselves the angst and time in trying to cover up their embarrassment at being caught out?

I can’t help wondering and have suspicions that they were the kids in school who copied others work and claimed credit for it.

Northampton Conservative have recently published a document which I am told by a reliable source was already with the printers on the 9th February when I published my blog and the follow-up blog “Credit Where Credit’s Due – or – If the Cap Fits, Why the Angst”.

It is a remarkable document if only for the way the Conservatives have intentionally re-ordered and rewritten the facts.

Northampton Conservatives should be honest and stop taking credit for others work.
Northampton Conservatives should be honest and stop taking credit for others work.

There is for example no mention at all of the WNDC (West Northamptonshire Development Corporation) when they claim credit for Enterprise Zone, the new railway station, the new bus station, the relocation of University of Northampton all of which would not have happened without the WNDC who have been instrumental in providing the money and accumulating the land needed for the projects to go forward.

The Conservatives then go on to claim they have frozen Councillor Allowances when in fact Conservative County Councillors have awarded themselves a 27% increase in allowances at the same time as they have cut funding for the care of our most vulnerable children. Cuts which has seen the Conservative controlled council being condemned as INADEQUATE in looking after children who are vulnerable and under threat of harm.

What the people across Northampton if they read the paper will find ironic and nothing more than a disgraceful lie is the Conservatives claim that they have provided “safer and cleaner neighbourhoods”

How stupid do they think the people of Northampton are?

This from a Conservative party who cut funding for Police Community Safety Officers by £600,000 with over 20 PCSO’s losing their jobs, from a Conservative party who switched off and removed over half of the streetlights plunging whole neighbourhoods into darkness and a Conservative party who have mismanaged the waste and environment contract to an extent that fly tipping and uncollected rubbish is at an all-time high.

I asked the question “Why the angst”?

I think we now know why.

It is because they have been caught out in claiming credit for others success as a way of trying to divert attention from their decisions to cut essential front line services while at the same time spending taxpayers’ money on pet projects such as Silverstone, the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and an office in Brussels

What has been pleasing in the number of people across Northampton who have contacted Labour Councillors to express their anger at the level of what they regard as the Conservatives deceit especially about safety and the environment?

It is a sentiment that I certainly agree with having already this year reported and had removed over 400 cases of fly tipping or missed collections and seeing the increase in crime since they made the police cuts.

What the Conservative have revealed is their desperation to cover up their incompetence when in fact their latest attempt at spin has achieved the exact opposite by exposing them as the charlatans that they undoubtedly are.