Acrtic Medal – Courageous Heroes

Real Corouge, Real Heroes
Real Courage, Real Heroes

Arctic Medal – Real Courageous Heroes

Last week we had members of our family visit us from Ashington for a family occasion where it came to light that Uncle Ned had served on the Arctic Convoys.

As a 91-year-old he has a fantastic recall of what can only be described as the horrors of being at action stations open to the elements in sub-zero freezing temperatures and at the same time being constantly under the threat of being attacked by U boats and air attacks.

It is impossible even for someone like me who served in the modern Royal Navy for over 22 years to imagine what it was like and makes the ‘cod wars’ of the 70’s pale into insignificance not to say importance.

Having promoted the campaign for those who served in the Arctic Convoys to receive recognition for what not only were but are really courageous heroes I am delighted that they are now to be recognised.

Heroes not only because of what they did and what they endured at the time but for the memories they have lived with ever since and for many the guilt at having survived when many of their friends didn’t.

The decision to now award them an Arctic Medal is the culmination of a long campaign that started in the hostile seas of the Russian Convoys and has followed a journey of over 70 years to rectify.

It was their sacrifice that earned us the freedoms we enjoy every day in the United Kingdom.

Thank you from a gratefull nation
Thank you from a grateful nation

Long may their memories continue and our thanks from a grateful nation to Uncle Ned and his friends for their sacrifice.