Different Day! Same Problems

Residents resent being ignored when they report problems
Residents resent being ignored when they report problems

Different Day!  Same Problems

I was going to start this blog with the words ‘Different Day – Same Shxt’ but decide I’d be polite.

I spent this morning in Bellinge and Ecton Brook talking to residents who continue to point out their utter frustration that things are not improving in the area but in fact getting worse and especially the environment.

It is difficult to argue with what they have to live with when they show you mattresses that were dumped over a month ago and which incidentally I have now reported on three occasions asking for them to be removed and yet they’re still there.

No SIGN of action after months of knowing about it
No SIGN of action after months of knowing about it

It is over three weeks ago when I asked in a blog what message does it send out to visitors and potential investors who according to the Northampton Conservatives, have a lovely picturesque journey into Northampton when the Welcome to Northampton sign on the A4500 into Ecton Brook is left in such a deplorable condition.

The sign has been left and in fact is an even worse condition which considering that as we know from the speed at which he complains about them to other organisations the Leader of the Council reads my blogs so you would, if he really cared, have thought his administration would have taken some action to rectify the problem

Is this really what we want visitors and investors to see of Northampton?
Is this really what we want visitors and investors to see of Northampton?

Residents in Ecton Brook took me to look again at the amount of rubbish that has been dumped alongside the slip road at the Ecton Brook Travellers site which has now been reported twice.

Only by listening to people and their real life stories are you reminded once again that it is values that matter most of all to people which is why they were so keen to share their problems and experiences.

It is time for the Northampton Conservatives stopped posing for photo opportunities and get a grip of the environment services contract and start to  ‘clean up’ the areas they have ignored and abandoned.

It is why Northampton Labour proposed that £300,000 be allocated to clean up and improve our neighbourhoods and estates which to residents who are living with the problems day after day, week after week and month by month it must be unfathomable why the Conservatives refused even to consider it.

What it demonstrates is that the Northampton Conservatives may know what the cost of things are but have no idea of what values are?

What residents think is clear, “Why should we bother if the Council don’t and we are going to be ignored”.

On the positive side and thankfully people do care.

Residents in Lasham Court told me that they were out sweeping the road and pavements to clear up after the bins had been collected so that it was as clean as it could be for when sadly a funeral cortege of a young child had to leave for the final time.

It was real community spirit from people who understand the importance of doing things right.

Perhaps the issue remain even on a different day but at least we still have people who have kept a sense of what is important.

All we need now is for the Conservatives to discover some for themselves and start putting people first.