“Inadequate” May Be a Generous Assessment?

A damining indictment of Conservative policies and failure to protect the vulnerable
A damning indictment of Conservative policies and failure to protect the vulnerable

“Inadequate” May Be a Generous Assessment?

When on the 21st February I posted the following tweet,

“Reliable info that the Ofsted report on social care and impact of NCC cuts is damning. If NCC doesn’t agree, release the report to the public?”

Little did I know just how bad things had become for the Northamptonshire’s most vulnerable children under the Conservatives.

All credit to the local Northampton Chronicle and Echo for following up and investigating the story which proves again the real worth of the Local Press and sadly why a daily newspaper was of such value in keeping people up to date with what was happening in Northampton.

Perhaps it would help for those who are unaware of who and what Ofsted are is to explain that they very experienced people who carry out independent inspections and whose findings and judgements are based on what they find and therefore have to be taken really seriously.

Their judgements are in four grades,

Grade 1 (Outstanding), Grade 2 (Good), Grade 3 (Requires Improvement) and the lowest being Grade 4 (Inadequate) – has serious weaknesses requiring special measures basically means it doesn’t meet the needs or requirements.

As always in such cases where a local authority is condemned for failing to protect the most vulnerable children the first thing people will see is the Councillors who took the decision to cut the funding  and failed to oversee the service will,

  1. Sacrifice staff. After all it is always the servants who take the blame.
  1. Say, “Things have improved since the Ofsted report and we will learn the lessons from it?, and
  1. Refuse to accept personal or collective responsibility for the decisions they took and set about blaming anyone and everyone else.

Where “inadequate” will definitely not be an even half way satisfactory judgement is if as in too many cases the failure to protect Northamptonshire’s vulnerable children has been a factor in any child’s death and if it has those who were responsible for the decisions should resign.

We will only know when the and if the full Ofsted report is released and if the Conservative controlled County Council have nothing to hide or be ashamed of then why haven’t they?

Child protection in crisis in Northamptonshire – Local – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.