Are Northampton Conservatives Ageist and Anti-Women?

Are the Northampton Conservatives anti-women?
Are the Northampton Conservatives anti-women?

Are Northampton Conservatives Ageist and Anti-Women?

It’s amazing how conversations go

I had an interesting conversation today with a former political colleague, who is still a friend, who phoned to congratulate me on being selected as the Labour Candidate for the new Billing and Rectory Farm County Division.

What came up in the discussion, to my surprise, was that Councillor Christopher Malpas who, as the sitting County Councillor for at least two-thirds of the new Billing & Rectory Farm seat, hadn’t been selected by the Conservatives. However, it isn’t the first time sitting councillors have been replaced in the area as was the case with Cllr Jamie Lane at the last Borough Election.

What was even more disturbing was being told that another sitting councillor hadn’t been chosen to fight their preferred seat and had allegedly been asked by during a selection interview whether “she thought she would be an embarrassment” because the party had already had problems with female MP’s Nadine Dorries and Louise Mensch?

I have no doubt that, given the reliability of the source, that the question was asked which begs the question whether male candidates are asked if they would be an embarrassment because the problems the party had with the likes of Bill Cash MP or even our local Brian Binley MP arguing against the party line?

Do Northampton Conservatives select women as equals or token candidates?
Do Northampton Conservatives select women as equals or token candidates?

To be fair when I asked if they really were anti-women my friend in their defence explained that the interview was really a sham because a male candidate had already been selected, and anyway the lady was considered as too old!!

So that’s alright then, we’re not anti-women just ageist?

Which brought us on to the question of who the Conservatives were going to put forward as the Deputy Mayor this year and, more importantly, would they break with over three decades of tradition and select a woman?

I’m afraid the answer or at least the start of the answer cannot be printed but amounted to being told that it was very unlikely because it was necessary to make space for those who have been promised jobs at the top  and in fact the post had already been promised to a Councillor even before any “secret ballot”.

We’ll have to wait and see what the outcome will be but it seems that there was a great deal of arm twisting going on behind the scenes amongst the “wholly united” Northampton Conservatives

So there we have it, a Northampton Conservative party who appear to be anti-women, anti-family and ageist a rich combination guaranteed to isolate, ignore and reject over 50% of the population.

It will be interesting to see how many women are selected as Conservative County candidates in Northampton, though it may simply be the case that women are not coming forward to be associated with an ever-increasing party who are out of touch with their problems and issues.

It is a Conservative party who are now not only seen by the Northampton residents  as being uncaring, inept and incompetent but now as totally inadequate.