Signs Give Out the Wrong Message

The message sent out is wrong and unwelcoming
The message sent out is wrong and unwelcoming

Signs Give Out the Wrong Message

There has been the expected response from the Northampton Conservatives to criticism that they aren’t taking the state of the town and wider Borough seriously. There’s also been a continution of hiding behind, what are increasingly becoming not only tired but desperate, “it isn’t our fault” excuses.

It is an attitude that displays an utter disregard for the Town, the Borough and the people of Northampton which is no greater reflected and symbolised than the condition of signage across the Borough.

In planning this year to spend, some might say waste, £200,000 on signs to tell people where and the number of vacant spaces in the Northampton Borough Council owned car parks are, the Conservatives has once again chosen to ignore what is obvious to the residents of the town.

Simply that the condition of street and road signs is woefully poor.

It may of course be the case that this is just another demonstration of them being completely out of touch with the neighbourhoods and communities that make up Northampton, preferring as they clearly have to concentrate on PR and photo shoots in the Town Centre.

What the Northampton Conservatives fail to appreciate is that what is important to the residents and tax payers is that their neighbourhoods are well maintained which includes not only the environment but signage and especially street/road signs.

What they also fail to appreciate is the message that the increasingly poor street/road signs gives to not only the people but visitors to Northampton.

There is naturally also the problem and effect this has on the ‘blue light’ services that already have to find their way to emergencies with reduced street lighting, without the added complication of poor street signage.

What message does it send out for people coming into Northampton along the A4500 when the sign they see is as poorly maintained as it is?

Welcome!!!  I don’t think so, more a case of “You are now entering Northampton, a place where we don’t care”

Another example over the past year has been the Northampton sign that used to be on the A45 at the boundary between Wellingborough and Northampton as you approach the Billing Aquadrome slip road.

It is a sign that has gradually been vandalised and fallen apart so that now it has disappeared altogether effectively taking away any sense of where the Northampton boundary starts.

It is time for the Conservatives to stop looking for excuses and start improving the state of the Borough and should start with cleaning up and improving the signs at the entrances to Northampton.

Perhaps then people may feel that it really does mean it when they say,

Welcome to Northampton (and this is a place of which we are proud!)