Credit Where Credit’s Due – or – If the Cap Fits, Why the Angst?

Conservatives should stop making excuse for failure and taking credit for others work
Conservatives should stop making excuse for failure and taking credit for others work

Credit Where Credits Due – or – “If the Cap Fits” Why the Angst?

It appears from very reliable sources, which to the uninitiated in political speak means from within the Conservative party, that my blog giving credit where credit is due to WNDC, Northampton University and Carlsberg raised a great deal of angst in the Leader of the Borough Councils office.

It apparently reached a level at which the Leaders office are concerned and believe that I may be receiving ‘preferential treatment and information’ which is, as anyone who has read the blog will realise, either utter nonsense or the figment of a mind filled with conspiracy theories.

Or both?

In fact everything in the blog has been and is in the public domain, but of course in bringing them together it has highlighted that the attempts by others to take the credit speaks volumes about the way they think and operate.

I’m sure I’m not alone in recognising the type of people we have all come across in the workplace who spend their time taking the credit for other people’s successful ideas and efforts, whilst at the same time making sure and denying any part in what has failed or is unpopular.

I’m informed that the Northampton Conservative Leader demands to be given credit for his achievements and what has happen during the last 16 months in Northampton and that his record will speak for itself.

In previous blogs and public statements I’ve already outlined the Northampton Conservatives record amongst which are,

  • endangering and raising the safety concerns of residents by cutting funding for PCSO’s and switching off streetlights,
  • overseeing a reduction of over 600,000 fewer visitors to Northampton between April and December 2012 – and blaming it on the rain,
  • losing the confidence of Legal and General further delaying the Grosvenor Centre development and not being aware that they had pulled the plug only two weeks after saying it was going ahead,
  • spending and wasting over £200,000 on a pet project trying to dupe people into agreeing to have Parish Councils which would have increased council tax by stealth,
  • failing to deliver the waste collection and environment service leading to a failure to meet a single target and a town and borough that is not only dirtier than ever before but has a higher level of fly tipping,
  • failure to deliver a tree maintenance programme across the Borough,
  • failure to maintain children’s plays areas across the Borough leaving them unusable,
  • reneging on a promise not to include Sheltered Housing in any discussions on transferring council houses to a housing association,
  • cutting funding for homelessness at a time when it is rising and has cost the council taxpayer over £230,000 between April and December 2012, and
  • failing to maintain the infamous Northampton fountain so it has had to be turned off for most of the year with the distinct possibility that it may be permanent.

Of course there may well be positives which I’m sure they will point out in due course and for which they will unquestionably demand to be given credit.

In the meantime rather than running around trying to hide their failures by claiming credit for others efforts they should concentrate on delivering the vibrant and successful town we all want to see and for which the hard pressed Northampton people deserve and pay for through their taxes.

If the Northampton Conservatives continue to be upset at being criticised then perhaps it’s because they know that the ‘cap fits’ and from now on people will be looking carefully at what they are claiming credit for.