Political Cowardice will not be forgiven.

Northampton Conservatives self interest in their only priority

Political Cowardice will not be forgiven.

The Conservatives refusal to face the people of Northampton at a public meeting to answer questions over the cuts to the new Bus Station, Neighbourhood Coordinators, the selling off of the towns toilets, failing in waste collection, street cleaning and grass cutting and to funding police is nothing more than political cowardice.

The result of the cuts to front line services that has seen the most vulnerable become more vulnerable, crime and fly tipping increase, and the whole of the Borough become even dirtier than ever.

All at a time when the Council has decided to spend over £2 million on Council Housing and £150,000 on a Parish Council consultation (except that they refuse to attend public meetings) which remarkably they have already appeared to have made their mind up about.

The reality for the people of Northampton is that the Conservative experiment has failed. This was firmly demonstrated recent statements in the  when it was clear that the Leadership were not aware of the decisions being taken by Legal and General over the Grosvenor Centre delays and intention to develop their property at Sixfields.

It was apparent in the Leaders statement that he would “not be wasting money on consultation about Parish Councils”, in his response to a member of the public who was talking about a case of domestic violence when he said “the opposition are just pulling at the heartstrings” and of course in refusing to answer questions put to him on Local BBC Radio that we are seeing the true character of the Northampton Conservatives.

Cllr Mackintosh as the Leader of the Council and his cabinet should show some mettle and face the public, I doubt if he will, because sadly in the words of a Johnny Cash song, ‘they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting’.

It appears that their personal financial and political security at the expense of the tax payers of Northampton is now their only priority which is why they are totally discredited in anything they say and d.

How else can you interpret them awarding themselves a 22%, £2,000 a year pay rise at the same time they are asking care and nursery workers amongst others to take a 3.6% pay cut which with inflation will see essential front line workers household incomes fall by over 6% in the coming year?

Labour opposed the Conservatives budget because it was simply not deliverable, didn’t add up and is  destroying Northampton the lives of the people who live here.

I predict that we will see an increase in the Leaderships isolation not only from the public and the media but from those in the Conservative group who are now from talking to some of them waking up to the real danger that the keys to Northampton are being handed over to their friends who have made such a mess of delivering services at the County Council.