NBCouncil Senior Management Costs Rise – Why Deny the Reality?

Northampton Borough Council Senior Management Costs Rise – You Decide?


Northampton Labour Group

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(For Immediate Release)

Senior Management Costs Increase

Northampton Labour Group has expressed deep concern that senior management costs at Northampton Borough Council appear to be rising not falling.

Labour believes that the cost of senior management increased from 2010/2011 to 2011/12 by over £100,000.  At the last election both Conservatives and Labour promised to reduce senior management costs after they had risen substantially under the Liberal Democrats.  Labour has been critical that Cllr Mackintosh has not done enough to reduce senior management but is happy to cut out frontline workers like Neighbourhood coordinators.

In addition, there have been redundancy costs of £457,000.  This all at the same time as the number of staff has fallen from over 1200 to 825.

Cllr David Palethorpe, Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance, said

“Before the election there was a consensus that senior management costs should come down but recent figures show that this appears not to be the case. They have increased the number of senior managers and this has cost Northampton Borough Council taxpayers an extra £100,000.

As Cllr Mackintosh and his Cabinet colleagues continue to cut frontline workers they have at the same time allowed senior management costs to increase on their watch. It is disgraceful that whilst funding for Police Community Support Officers has been cut the cost of senior management has risen to manage a much smaller organisation and all at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Last week Northampton Labour release a Press Release expressing concern that the cost of Senior Management, those earning over £50,000 a year had actually increased in 2011/12 from the previous year.

It was immediately refuted by Councillor David Mackintosh the Conservative Leader of the Council as being false which in turn of course means that either he isn’t aware of what is happening at the Borough Council or believes that he can simply bluff?

In refuting what is in the Annual Statement of Accounts that has been approved as a true record  of expenditure for 2011/12 the Leader of the Council is in reality saying either that they are not a true record, which would be a very serious breach of the legislation or doesn’t want to own up to increasing senior management staff and costs while at the same time cutting front line staff working directly for the Borough Council by over 25% and wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ money on his and the Conservatives ‘pet projects’

It also brings into question the credibility of all of the Borough Council Conservatives openness and honesty at a time when the scepticism of politics is at an all-time low.

The table below is taken directly from the Northampton Borough Council Statements of Accounts for 2011/12, and what has to also be taken into account is that the increase doesn’t include the pension contributions which will add at least 20% to the overall costs.

What Cllr Mackintosh and Conservative administration should now do is stop denying their failure to deliver cuts to senior management costs and act on Northampton Labour’s call for them to be reduced in line with the reduction in front line staffing during this financial year.

Can anyone think of another organisation that has cut staffing levels by 25% but increased senior management?

With the evidence so clear that Northampton Labour’s concerns are valid why did the Leader of the Council feel it necessary to deny it, or is it another example of the Conservatives policy of denial and a refusal to consult on and reveal their real intentions and policies?

Or is it that they have now resorted to making it up as they go and reacting to ides brought forward by Northampton Labour even more worrying is that they now may arrogantly believe that anything they say will suddenly and mysteriously take on a truth all of its own in spite of the facts?


D. Notes to the Core Financial Statements

b) Officers paid over £50,000 2011/12

The Council is required under the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011 to disclose the number of employees whose remuneration was £50,000 or more (excluding employer’s pension contribution). This is shown in bands of £5,000 in the table below:

No of Employees


Remuneration   Band No of Employees2011/12

                                  4                  £50,000 – £54,999             9          

                                  6                  £55,000 –  £59,999             3                   

                                  4                  £60,000 –   £64,999           3

                                  4                   £65,000 –   £69,999          3

                                  1                   £70,000 – £74,999             2

                                 1                    £75,000 –   £79,999           0

                                 3                    £80,000 –   £84,999         2

                                 1                    £85,000 –   £89,999          1

                                0                    £90,000 –   £94,999          0

                                0                    £95,000 –   £99,999          0

                                1                  £100,000 –   £104,999        1

                                2                  £105,000 –   £109,999        2

                                1                   £110,000 –   £114,999         2

                               0                 £115,000 –   £119,9990         0

                               0                £120,000 –   £124,999           1

                               0                 £125,000 –   £129,999          0

                               0                £130,000 –   £134,999           0

                               1                   £135,000 –   £139,999          1

                         Total 29                                                        Total 30

Cost Range                               Increase                         Cost Range

Min £2,055,000                   Min  +£110,000             Min £2,165,000

Max £2,199,971                    Max +£114,999              Max £2,314,970