Conservatives True Attitude to the Police revealed by Snub

No mention of Police revealed why PM supports Chief Whip

Conservatives True Attitude to the Police revealed by Snub

When Andrew Mitchell MP the Conservative Chief Whip allegedly (though from everything that has happened since it is true) swore at police and called them ‘plebs’ it quite rightly caused an outcry.

What should have caused an even greater problem is that even though he now knows it is true the Prime Minister David Cameron is not only refusing to reprimand his Chief Whip but continues to support him even though the denials are continuing.

Why don’t they just come clean and tell the truth?

Or is it that the Conservatives have now adopted a policy like that we see from them in Northampton who believe that if you say something loudly for long enough it will take on a mythological truth all of its own.

The police as the vast majority of people now understand are under immense pressures to not only identify and arrest perpetrators of crime but to work with the community to prevent crime.

It is a public service that depends on policing by consent and can only be achieved if the politicians led by example and demonstrate their support for the police officers and staff who are the backbone of the criminal justice system and without which as area after area across the Country are now finding out crime is increasing as perpetrators feel they have nothing to fear because of a lack of police presence.

It is a fact not mythology that the Conservative – Liberal Democrat public safety decisions has led to a fall of over 16,000 police officers with over 150 fewer in Northampton and the County.

It is a fact not mythology that the Conservatives in Northampton and Northamptonshire has cut funding for PCSO’s leading to areas of the town feeling abandoned.

It is also a fact not mythology that police responded along with the armed services and volunteers to delay their leave and in some cases to go on their off duty days without pay to make sure the Olympic Games were safe and secure following the debacle over the Government failure to monitor and manage the G4S security contract that cost the tax payer million.

It is also a fact not mythology that earlier this month police officers from across the whole of the UK volunteered and travelled to Manchester to patrol the City and allow the remarkably resilient Manchester Police to stand alongside the people of the City in tribute to two young police officers who tragically paid the ultimate price of doing their duty.

So why oh why didn’t the police warrant a single word of praise or recognition from the Prime Minister in his speech at the Conservative Conference?


Where does that leave all of the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates when their own leader and his senior enforcer in parliament hold the police in such contempt?

What it demonstrates is that for all of the speeches and comments made by the Ministers of Justice about getting tougher on crime the Conservatives have by David Cameron’s deliberate exclusion of any mention of them demonstrated that they are no longer in any way shape or form the party of Crime and Public Safety.

What an earth possessed him to act like a little boy in the playground and throw an “I’m going to refuse to mention them” tantrum and then go through with it?

Perhaps it is all down to the police expressing their concern about the increasing lack of public safety and protection that the Governments failing policing policies are demonstrating, or is it just that he agrees with Andrew Mitchell and thinks that the police are nothing more than ‘plebs’?

David Cameron as the Prime Minister of the UK should have shown support and leadership and axed his Chief Whip and made it clear he supports the police, instead he simply ran away from it.

The police service both uniformed and non-uniformed support staff have an “ASPIRATION” that their professional and personal commitment to the job will help provide a safe and secure country where people can live in a threat free environment.

Last night I attended a meeting of the St James Residents Association in Northampton where residents raised their concerns about rising crime in their community and neighbourhoods and the lack of response from the police with more than once the expression was used that the “Police don’t care”.

I disagree. It isn’t that the police don’t care but that with cuts to police numbers and resources for them to be able to respond they are being prevented from doing their jobs by politicians who don’t care and who retreat behind the security gates that protect them from the outside world.

The residents of St James very clearly have aspirations of living in a safe place.

Perhaps David Cameron and his Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition allies and their Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates should share the Police Services and Publics Aspirations?