Mindless Vandalism – The Community Won’t Give Up

Little Billing Pocket Park Volunteers a fantastic Community Project

Mindless Vandalism – The Community Won’t Give Up

On Saturday morning I joined volunteers from the Little Billing Community for one of the regular sessions working in the Little Billing Pocket Park which is a great community project and something the majority of people really appreciate.

The work has seen the return of swans to the Wotkis Lake which was dredged in the last eighteen months and a real increase in wildlife from small birds to bats.

Regular followers of my blog will have read of the mindless vandalism of the two notice boards we installed last year so it is to the credit of everyone that the volunteers didn’t give up and carried on with a new orchard being planted and footpath providing a fantastic walk along the side of the stream.

Installation of two new Notice Boards for the people of Little Billing

On Saturday we installed two more notice boards which once again I’d arranged to be made in HMP Wellingborough as part of their contribution to the community and which the leader of the volunteers Michael Claspar kindly went to pick up from the prison before it closes at the end of the year.

Sadly by 3.30 on Saturday afternoon the notice boards had been damaged by three young boys who when challenged by a residents passing by just laughed and ran away.

Moronic and Mindless Vandalism will not stop the people of Little Billing

Information from some other youngsters in the pocket park have we think identified the main culprit so we may be able to track them down and hopefully the boy’s parents will act responsibly.

It is a shame (and yes I am being polite) that the fantastic work by the people who want to improve the area for everyone have to see their efforts undermined by moronic and mindless vandalism but I’m sure having worked with the volunteers for over 10 years it won’t stop them.

What this also highlights is the impact of cutting the Billing PCSO who I and everyone else in the area have no doubt because of the fantastic relationship and intelligence network he had built up would have been able to not only identify the culprits but would have this week ‘knocked on their door’.

The problem is that once the residents think they have identified the culprits what can they do?

Certainly taking vigilante action is just not on.

If members of the volunteers go to the homes of the alleged culprit what reaction will they receive on the doorstep and why should they put themselves at risk anyway?

Is it something the hard pressed police at a time when they are seeing their number cut will be interested in investigating and taking action on, I doubt it.

Perhaps this, (what to some may consider being of little importance in the scale of things a minor issue), is symptomatic of the impotence that the public feel when faced with increasing anti-social behaviour and a lack of police officers and PCSO’s on the street.

Perhaps what we need to do now is look for someone to volunteer to manufacture metal framed notice boards?

– any help would be welcome.

In the meantime come and visit the Little Billing Pocket Park off of Valley Road, Little Billing, it’s fantastic.