Labour – Billing Rose Summer 2012

Labour – Listening to Northampton and the people of Billing, Bellinge and Ecton Brook
Labour Billing Front – Number 4.1.4

Labour Billing back – Number 4.1.4 Ecton Brook

Labour Billing Back – Number 4.1.4 Bellinge

Labour Billing back – Number 4.1.4 Little Billing

Labour Billing back – Number 4.1.4Great Billing

It appears that the Conservatives have stopped campaigning in the Billing Ward with residents telling me they haven’t heard from them since the start of the year.

Is it because as I reported earlier they were over heard saying that they didn’t have to because everyone will vote Conservative anyway?

I’m sure the people of Ecton Brook, Bellinge, Little and Great Billing will be less than pleased about being taken for granted.