Supercharged – or – Heading for Collapse?

Supercharger that exceeds its level – or – weak components?

Supercharger may well be causing irreparable damage

In May this year at the Civic Mayor making the Northampton Borough Council Conservatives described themselves as being the ‘Supercharged’ administration that were on target to take the regeneration and development of Northampton forward.

The problem of course with a ‘supercharger’ as mechanical engineers will tell you is that for it to work you need to have forced induction of air into the engines, in effect you have to provide more air to support the combustion which in turn provides more work and power produced from the engine.

Dynamic supercharged engines rely on accelerating the hot air produced to high-speed.

The major problem being that there is a reliance on all of the parts of the engine to which the supercharger is attached being able to withstand the extreme temperatures that are created which limits the capacity to run for long periods of time and in most cases leads to damage and invariably catastrophic failure of the engine.

In politics of course the parts are made up of the supporters of the ‘supercharged leader’ who may not be able to stand the heat created and especially when they are being subjected to a lack of consideration and involvement.

It is a dangerous system where as the heat increases the effectiveness of the supercharger reduces, components fail which in turn causes greater damage to the whole machinery.

From the current confusion over the consultation housing, a refusal to fully consult on Parish Councils, to reversals of policy on sheltered housing, from a real lack of progress on the regeneration of the town centre to a reversal of the housing development policy it looks as if the supercharger is running into trouble, and if the information from those at the heart of the  Borough Council administration is accurate some of the components are beginning to crack under the pressure.

What other reason could there be for the Cabinet Member responsible for the Environment, Cllr Caswell in answering questions on the failing environmental waste and grass cutting contract to say at the Council meeting on the 10th September that “Things that should have been put in place haven’t been put in place” and then to go on to say “he was happy with how things were going”.

What other reason was there for the outburst from the Leader of the Council that “we will not waste money on consultation” with the public over the Parish Council proposals, and what an earth made a senior Conservative ask Cllr Caswell ” would you agree with me that Northampton is a lot cleaner than two years ago”?

In the meantime I expect we will see an increase in knee jerk reactions to failures of policy and attempts to divert the attention and blame for failure from the supercharger to the weaker components.

The question will be whether the ‘components’ will be prepared to continue to see themselves damaged as their reputations and the pressure they are increasingly coming under is ignored.