Cuts are a Sign of Political Failure

Cuts are damaging economic growth, too fast too far

With the economic situation spiralling into an ever-deepening recession/crisis under David Cameron and Nick Clegg, who have for years talked about their strong and sound financial policies and experience, conveniently forgetting the billions of pounds they have squandered which has led to ever-increasing borrowing how bizarre that we are now seeing the exact same parallels being played out by the Borough Council Conservative administration.

Having spent years decrying the opposition policies the Conservatives immediately abandoned their manifesto promises and instead decided to follow an economic policy of cuts to essential front line services and the pursuance of pet projects at the tax payer’s expense.

There is however one major weakness that their lack of financial and leadership ability is increasingly revealing.

It is the reason that every year the budget has to reflect what  is happening in the wider economy, which is why just continuing with  a ‘cut and run’ budget made no sense.

Nobody else and especially families in Northampton has planned to carry on this year the same as last year and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that prices are going up all of the time while wages are at best stagnant, which is why the Conservatives are plugging the holes in their already failing budget by spending the reserves and surplus inherited from the previous administration.

Cuts will lead to increased unemployment.

The only thing that is certain is that when the costs come home to roost the Conservatives will say it is not their fault.

Where have we heard that before, how many times are we going to have to listen to the mantra  “Pass the blame but don’t blame me”?

How soon will it be that we hear that the budget passed by the Conservatives in February this year hasn’t provided enough tax payers money to deliver their policies, and more importantly in failing to provide a 3-year medium term financial policy how big will the budget deficit be in Northampton this coming year?

So if you are worried about where you’re Council Tax is going – you should be?