NCC Avoiding the Public – Gladstone Road

Northampton Labour Group

(For Immediate Release)


Cllr Gareth Eales and local residents are expressing once more their deep frustration with Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) over the lack of action in dealing with noise coming from Gladstone Road.

Initially it looked like that NCC might now start to tackle this long-standing problem in Spencer.  NCC lifted up a section of the noisy ‘rumble-strip’ surface and then relayed it properly.  If this proved to work then the whole road would be resurfaced.  However, the results of this experiment have never been presented to the campaigning Spencer Dallington Residents Association (SDRA).

Unfortunately it gets worst as NCC, for some reason, have stopped their engagement with SDRA. They have not sent along a representative to the last three SDRA meetings and recently the Cabinet member, Cllr Andre Gonzalez De Savage, plus a senior highways officer cancelled their meeting with SDRA but so far has not rescheduled the meeting!

NCC blamed the noise from this road surface on a sub-contractor. However, SDRA have nothing but praise for the sub-contractor who have shown a great willing to work with local people and achieve a satisfactorily outcome for all concerned.

Local Labour councillor, Cllr Gareth Eales, says

“We have become deeply frustrated with Northamptonshire County Council as they are still failing to deliver on a previous promise to sort the noise coming from Gladstone Road.  They have not come to Spencer Dallington Residents Association recently to explain the current situation despite repeated invitations to do so.

NCC needs to stop scapegoating a small sub-contracting firm and accept their own errors and responsibilities. The problem is not with any sub-contractor but those in the Highways Department at County Hall who designed the new road layout.

The way the County Council have treated us around here on this issue is a complete joke.  No feedback and cancelled meetings is all that the County Council have given us.  This means local people are being kept in the dark as to what is going on and we are now demanding that County Hall engages with Spencer Dallington residents once again. The noise of Gladstone Road needs to be sorted and residents have been waiting long enough.”