Labour Urge Tories to Put Sekhema Statute Decision on Hold

Northampton Labour Group

(For Immediate Release)

Labour Urge Tories to Put Sekhema Statute Decision on Hold

Northampton Labour Group is calling for the decision about the future of the Sekhemka statue to be put on hold for the time being whilst further consultation with relevant stakeholders can take place about its long-term future.

The whole decision process is being rushed unnecessarily for no apparent reason. The Friends of Northampton Museums and Art Gallery are also opposed to this quick sale and believe it contravenes the Borough Council’s current Acquisition and Disposal Policy.

Public and media statements from the Tory Administration give rise for concern over the sale of the Egyptian Monument of Sekhemka dating from 2500 BC, which was gifted to the town from the 3rd Marques of Northampton.  The statute has been in the collection for more than 150 years.

Cllr Terry Wire, Leader of Northampton Labour Group, says

“A number of people have contacted me with their concerns and many feel this is a done deal following the Leader’s appearance in the local media. The decision to sell seems very hurried.   If the Cabinet decide to sell the monument Labour will ‘call-in’ that decision into Scrutiny; this will also give members of the public the opportunity to express their views.

The Tories really must pull this from next week’s cabinet agenda so that the Council can take a much more considered and mature approach.  There are still many unanswered questions. Northampton Borough Council has a moral obligation to make sure this statute has a good home.”