Households Being Kept In The Dark On Parish Councils

Northampton Labour Group


Households Being Kept In The Dark On Parish Councils

Conservative controlled Northampton Borough Council continues to push ahead with their agenda for creating more Parish Councils in the town. From the outset the Labour Group has strongly opposed this as it means another layer of bureaucracy and an additional tax.

The Borough Council is now in the next stage of the process and has just launched a booklet with a questionnaire.  Due to cost, the Tories have recently admitted this booklet/questionnaire will not be distributed to households in the relevant areas and will only be available online, in the One-Stop-Shop and few other outlets.  The problem is that many residents will be simply unaware it is online or in the One-Stop-Shop.

As this is about potentially imposing a new tax (or ‘parish precept’ as it’s more commonly known) the Labour Group are firmly of the view that each household in every respective area should have a copy of the booklet/questionnaire. In addition, if every household received a copy it would likely boost the voter turnout in the consultative referendums due to take place on Thursday November 15th this year.

Cllr Terry Wire DL, Leader of the Labour Group, says

“As a parish council is going to cost every household in the respective area, we firmly believe every household should have some direct literature and consultation documents.  We appreciate that is not financially possible for every household to receive something on every consultation the Borough Council does but this should be an exception as its going to cost the already hard pressed council taxpayer more money.  For instance, a Band D property within Hardingstone Parish Council pays £95.05 per year.

Without getting any formal information through the post many households are going to wake up one more to find a demand through the letterbox to pay an extra tax! To do this without each household being properly consulted is unacceptable.”