Time to Get Own House in Order

Time to Get Own House in Order

If the Northampton Borough Council Conservative administration had their own house in order, people might take more seriously their criticism of the Labour party in Northampton.

Northampton Borough Conservative Councillors were elected having promised to breathe new life into Northampton and yet despite the high blown rhetoric, perhaps they would explain what exactly has been improved in Northampton town centre in over a year under the Conservatives for which they have been responsible?

There has been much talk, about visions, about strategies, about putting Northampton Back on Track, in fact it all sounds reminiscent of the language used by David Cameron and Nick Clegg in their coalition project.

The reality is however rather different and it is actions not words which impress people.

NBC Conservatives would be better advised explaining why the town centre has gone backwards during a year of Conservative stewardship, why don’t the Conservative leadership, together with their County Council Conservative colleagues listen to the people of Northampton instead of antagonising them by wasting millions of tax payers’ money on pet projects based around nothing more than political dogma.

There is much lofty rhetoric about reviving Abington Street and the Grosvenor Centre but in the past year Abington Street and surrounds have gone visibly backwards.

For regeneration the word degeneration would be more fitting.

Dates for Legal & General committing any money have been pushed so far into the future that they are out of sight.

Town Centre retailers have lost confidence in the Councillors and it is to the credit of the Northampton BID that things are not a great deal worse than they are.

The administrations prejudice and narrow-mindedness has simply got to change, if the oxygen of revival is to again flow through the blocked arteries of the once proud town centre.

Whatever happened to the promise to open up Abington Street?

May I suggest to the Northampton Borough Council Conservatives that they and their Conservative colleagues on the County Council stick to what they claimed they were going to do: move Northampton forward.

Only when there is real evidence (not fine words) of progress will anyone take seriously the Conservatives attempts to divert attention from their failure by criticising the opposition.

Sadly it appears that the current Conservative leadership like that in Westminster would prefer to talk the talk rather than walk the walk hiding constantly behind the manta of

‘It’s not our fault’,

even sadder if that it is the people of Northampton who are paying the price.