USA Presidential Candidates – Are they playing politics with Middle East?

Armed Conflict in Middle East – There has to be another way

USA Presidential Candidates – Are they playing politics with Middle East?

The possibility of an armed conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Iran has increased following the commitment from Mitt Romney in his bid to be the next President of the USA to unconditionally support any action Israel takes and is something that should raise real concerns here in the UK.

In pursuit of the support from the Jewish community in the USA Mitt Romney has made himself and his country a hostage to fortune if he is successful and of course the Prime Minister of Israel has quite naturally from his perspective and very cleverly used it to his own political advantage.

In contrast Barrack Obama as the incumbent president continues to pursue and seek a diplomatic solution to the Iranian development of nuclear energy and possibly nuclear weapons.

The danger of the posturing is that there may be a political shift in policy in the USA that will lead to a military conflict with Iran and which no doubt will see calls for the UK under the guise of our ‘Special Relationship’ to support militarily.

With the cuts to our armed services now at record levels I hope the UK Government and politicians from all sides will be cautious in committing military support to the USA and continue to work to find a diplomatic resolution to the issue.

A conflict with Iran would certainly not be as easily resolved by a ‘shock and awe’ Iraq type approach and may well see the UK embroiled in a very long a protracted conflict which will not have the support of the international community and would almost certainly not have the approval of the United Nations.

It is unfortunate that too many politicians in trying to look to be decisive leaders resort to military action without fully thinking through the impact of their actions.

Of course as an ally of Israel if it is threatened then we should support them, my concern at this time is that the USA presidential candidates are using this as a political tool for home consumption, a political tool that may well get out of hand.