Is It Any Wonder that People have Turned Away

Sulk all you want but my team have taken their ball home

Is It Any Wonder that People have Turned Away

Listening to the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives casting around for someone to blame is like watching Year 1 primary school children squabbling in the playground about whose friend is the best friend and who they don’t like most of all.

All the public hasn’t been subjected too in the past week is the stamping of feet and the tantrum screams of ‘I hate you’, which some Liberal Democrats and Conservative Members of Parliament quite clearly do.

It is very clear that David Cameron and his team have through back bench pressure been thwarted in delivering the reforms to the House of Lords which Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have demanded, but instead of taking the moral high ground what does he do but say ‘we will get our own back by in vetoing the parliamentary boundary changes’ that their Conservative coalition partners are depending on to remove over 50 opposition seats at the next election.

“It’s not fair, just because you’ve got a bigger team than mine”

The problem is that the Liberal Democrats are now being seen for what they are, very shallow and unfit to be in Government and in complaining they seem to forget that earlier in the year they were leaking budget information and especially the changes to taxation for the simple purpose of claiming some as Liberal Democrat successes but also since claiming that all of the U-Turns on the budget are down to the Conservatives.

It is yet another example of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition demonstrating just why they are failing to lead the country, a failure that has seen the deficit and interest on debt increase by over £25 million a day and the UK fall into the longest double-dip recession for over 50 years with according to the Governor of the Bank of England more to come.

The reality is of course that what the Liberal Democrats and it has to be said the Conservatives are now doing is looking for excuses and reasons why and how they can blame each other in the lead up to the 2015 General Election even before the agreed ‘divergence’ in 2014.

What is strange is that both are blaming Labour for if not opposing certainly for not supporting the coalition policies?

It is almost like a competitor at the Olympics complaining that the opponents are going to compete against them.

What next – a demand from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats for Labour to stop being the opposition?

Not a bad idea and there is of course one way they can bring that about by a vote in Westminster to dissolve this parliament and call a General Election a situation that could only be brought about by all of the Conservative and Liberal Democrats agreeing to it.

Will it happen?

Not a chance and a situation I predict will be even more unlikely when the result of the Corby by-election is announced in November.

Perhaps what the coalition partners should be concentrating on is to reverse their failing economic policy and start to invest in manufacturing, infrastructure and construction to stimulate the economy and create employment opportunities.

Sadly as is seen in Primary Schools everywhere, Year 1’s tend not to understand is that the whole world doesn’t revolve around them alone in their own little world of self-absorption and interest.

Which is why is there any wonder that the electorate are turned off by politics and politicians?

On a brighter note George Osborne is now saying “we have the opportunity to give 110% attention to the economy”?

Sorry to be picky but isn’t that what the Chancellor of the Exchequer along with Danny Alexander should have been doing for the past two years?