No End in Sight – Time for Innovation and Courage

Need for Local support for business

No End in Sight – Time for Innovation and Courage

The latest news that three more businesses in Northampton have closed their doors and vacated premises in the Town Centre is really bad news and damaging to the towns future and added to the 77 empty vacancies which is a rise 32 in the last year is a demonstration of the need for the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition to change their failing economic policy.

It is very easy however for the Northampton Borough Council administration to blame the recession, ignoring of course that it is the deepest and longest running double dip recession for over 50 years created by their Government, and use the excuse not to take action locally to help small and medium size businesses.

A question I have been asked is how many of the 77+ vacant properties in Northampton are owned by the Borough Council, the answer to which I will share once I‘ve received it from the Council.

The issue of unemployment as company after company go to the wall is one that is going to create increasing problems for families as we see the opportunities for employment, especially for young people, decline to levels not seen since the early 1980’s.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are pointing to the decrease in unemployment in the last two months as an example that their economic policy is working without of course mentioning the short-term part-time employment that has been created around the Olympics  and/or the seasonal part-time employment that happens at this time every year.

It will only be when the Olympics are over and we enter the autumn that the full impact of the failing policies will be revealed with those who have created the Olympic Park and Venues and those employed in the support services are no longer required and looking for employment.

The Liberal Democrat partners of the coalition are now seeking to distance themselves from the problems that are being stored up by calling for what they call a ‘Plan A plus’ economic strategy to stimulate growth?

The fact is as we have seen on many occasions, not the least in Northampton, that this is the Liberal Democrats doing what they do so well, supporting all options, promising everything  and then claiming credit for whatever works and apportioning blame to other for those that don’t.

It works best when they are in opposition because they can promise all things to all people, but comes apart when in positions of having to make the decisions and being held to accountable.

The reality is that whether it is the economic recession created by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, cuts to policing, cuts in the NHS or a failure to build support across Europe the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Government are one and the same and inextricably linked with the situation faced by people up and down the country.

What the country needs to recognise is that borrowing, as George Osborne and Danny Alexander are just to pay off interest which is now over £150million a day is a nonsense and what we need is a policy of using borrowed and quantitative easing funding to stimulate the economy through investment in manufacturing, infrastructure and construction.

I fear that as they have shown over the past two years that the ‘one track’ coalition Government will continue along the same track because they simply don’t have the skills or ability to innovate, adapt and respond to the mounting crisis for which they are responsible.

Northampton as a result will see further business closures and rising unemployment which will be compounded locally by further cuts to essential front line services and increases in taxation through stealth, as those who vote for new Parish Councils will undoubtedly find out.

Now is the time for the Conservatives in Northampton at Borough and Council level to along with their Liberal Democrat partners take a lead in providing innovative business opportunities for those who may be considering setting up shop in Northampton.