Northampton Crime Increase – Don’t Blame the Police

Police Cuts are Criminal

Northampton Crime Increase – Don’t Blame the Police

The aptly named outturn of crime statistics for the last year in Northampton make very dismal reading and clearly highlights why Labour is right to continue its opposition not only to the Conservative – Liberal Democrats National cuts to police funding but equally important the cuts in funding to Northamptonshire police by the Conservative controlled County and Borough Councils.

If anyone needs reminding these were cuts that the public were told would have ‘no significant impact’ on front line policing and even more surprising the statement by the Conservative Borough Council that ‘the administration has no responsibility for policing in Northampton’.

Conservative and Liberal Democrats cut Police

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that in a recession as past recessions have shown crime increases and along with it the pressure on the police to identify and bring perpetrators in front of the courts, which means that cuts to policing obviously will have a significant impact on their ability to do their jobs.

Added to the problem of course is the need, and especially in this year, for police to be available to help with national events such as the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics a problem that has been exacerbated by the abject failure of the Government and G4S to plan and provide security for the Olympics.

The crime data shows that what is called Serious Acquisitive Crime (SAC), that’s Burglary, Robbery and Theft from and of Vehicles to you and me which shows that, all except Burglary have increased.

Police will always do their best even when faced with cuts

Theft from Vehicles has increased by 18.4% with Theft of Vehicle up 14% at nearly 500 bringing not only the inconvenience to the owners but also the problem in many cases of getting to work and transporting their families to where they need to be.

Burglary is down 9.7% but there was still 1131 or 200 a week which remains still far too high and significantly higher than those towns we are normally compared against.

What is even more worrying than the increase in SAC’s is the increase in Crimes that involve the use or threat of violence like Robbery (which is included in both categories) Up 4.2% at 376, Serious Sexual Offences Up a staggering 12.5% at 289 and Violence Up 2.7% at 1910.

We are told incidentally that there is no conclusive evidence that the switching off of streetlights and cuts to policing has had any impact on the increase in crime.

I’m sure the public believe that?

Do you?

The problem of course is that unfortunately the public blame the police for increases in crime when it is the politicians who have cut their resources who should really be held responsible.

So as you read the Chronicle and Echo or listen to BBC Northampton reporting on crime across Northampton and the County please bear this in mind and ask who were the party and individuals behind the cuts that have made the policing of our neighbourhoods more difficult and have increased the fear in residents of reduced public safety.

In Northampton the answer lies in the County Hall and Guildhall who are supporting the Conservative – Liberal Democrats coalition in Westminster.