Fly Tipping – Is It a Failure of Services?

Over 350 cases of fly tipping reported in Billing Ward in first 6 months of 2012

Fly Tipping – Is It a Failure of Services?

The latest information that the number of visits to the former Council run ‘tips’ since their transfer to a private contractor comes as no surprise to those of us who have seen a really significant increase in fly tipping in local areas.

As the Councillor for the Billing Ward which covers Great & Little Billing, Bellinge and Ecton Brook I have reported over 350 cases of fly tipping in the first six months of this year.

It is obvious to anyone who knows and understands the difficulties that people are going through that even a ‘trip to the tip’ may be out of their reach, which in no way excuse or condones fly tipping.

The problem of course is that we have seen through the failure of the front line waste collection and environment service, especially in the last six months means that there has been seen a Borough wide increase in the reduction of standards with increased litter and an uncared for looking town and neighbourhoods.

Fly Tipping is becoming a Real Blight across Northampton

What invariably happens in any area that looks uncared for is in the first instance an increase in the residents anger   that the Council aren’t providing the services the tax payer is paying for and when it continues the development of a ‘why should we bother’ attitude.

It is clear that the people across Northampton are convinced that the Council aren’t delivering the front line services and this is reflected in the latest Annual Borough Council Report which shows residents disdain for the way the Council is operating.

Only when people feel that the Council are doing their bit will we see the public prepared to do theirs; which is why Labour are continuing to hold the Conservative Councillors who represent Northampton on the Borough and County Council to account.

It is time the Conservative administration put aside their political dogma, and self-interest and started to listen to the people of Northampton and give them an opportunity to be heard.

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