Armed Service Personnel – Should be Rewarded

Armed Forces will deliver service that the public deserve

Armed Service Personnel – Should be Rewarded

There has been a lot of discussion about what has rapidly become not only a national but international disgrace following the abject failure of G4S to deliver on a Government Contract adequate security at the London Olympics.

It is all very well for Members of Parliament to criticise and heap abuse on the CEO of G4S but what about those members of the Olympic Games Committee who should have been managing and monitoring the contracts which includes a number of MP’s who have up to now been only too willing to be seen jetting around the world posing on the world stage and proclaiming the games will not only be on time, within budget but also the best ever?

Strangely they all seem to have disappeared from view and their fellow MP’s on the select committee don’t appear to have been willing to call them to account.

Of course as always the blame game has started, no-one “wants to be where we are” or “don’t or cannot recall” which is no longer a surprise and is in fact what the public sadly now come to expect from a coalition Government that don’t appear to know what they want to do or how to do it.

Calling in the armed services to take charge is of course the right thing to do and anyone who has served in the armed services understand that they may well be called upon to carry out what used to be called “aid to civil power” when I first joined up in 1969.

Times have changed in the past 40 years and this call up isn’t like some in the past to ensure the safety and delivery of essential front line services to the public but as a result of sheer incompetence by those in Government who should have had their finger on the pulse and G4S who have failed to deliver and yet not only are being allowed to retain the Government contracts they already have but then have the nerve to say that they are still entitled to claim the £57 million ‘management fee’ for the Olympics!!

G4S should pay for troops and police compensation

If the Coalition Government are really serious about demonstrating their thanks to the armed services and the police who have been called to in reality ‘bail out’ ministers then here’s a suggestion that they may want to consider.

Offer to pay for all of the holidays that troops may have had to cancel because of the call up.

Compensate those 4000+ troops with tax-free bonuses of £200 a day for every day they are on duty.

Compensate those troops who have to stay in Afghanistan because of delays in bring them home from deployment because their replacements are stuck in London and take the money from the G4S ‘Olympic Management Fee’.

They might also consider using the remainder of the management fee to invest in carrying out independent reviews of all of the Government contracts currently held by G4S to identify just how successful they are in delivering the services that the tax payer is paying for.

Perhaps then the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition will then be seen as at least trying to be competent.

Those responsible for the fiasco will now be hoping that the games are a huge success and pass off without incident as I’m sure the majority of people also want, the difference being that those responsible will then try to kick any subsequent questioning of the events into the long grass never to be seen again.

We’ll have to wait and see.