Is Eagle Drive Protest Really Spite?

Playing fields for young people is a great move

Is Eagle Drive Protest Really Spite?

On Wednesday night the Borough Council approved the development of rugby and football pitches on land adjacent to Eagle Drive which will not only provide playing fields for the youngsters in Delapre, Briar Hill and Far Cotton but is also a lasting tribute and legacy to a young man who tragically lost his life far too early.

The development also allows for the Saints to move forward in the regeneration and development of Franklin Gardens, increasing the capacity to 15,500 and helping to secure the club as a major world-class rugby organisation.

You’d expect that this kind of progress would receive universal support so it is staggering that the Liberal Democrats have been so virulent in their opposition, putting out quite scurrilous leaflets to whip up fears in the area and opposition to the playing fields.

I’m told that the leaflets are now in the hands of the legal people so I’ll make no further comment on that preferring to wait for the outcome of due process.

It appears that the Liberal Democrats on Wednesday night revealed their true colours when it is reported that a former Borough Councillor turned on members of the public and was really abusive threatening to take at least one Councillor to the standards board for supporting the development.

As one person reported to it me, “it was like being turned on by a mad fishmongers wife”, (my apologies to all fishmongers wives).

This of course isn’t the first time that the Delapre and Briar Hill Liberal Democrats have intentionally tried to create a controversial issue in the area – London Road Bunding!! – for the purpose of nothing more than self-promotion and electoral advantage.

Interestingly as the results of the May 2011 Borough Council elections show it was a policy that patently failed to persuade the public who clearly rejected them at the ballot box.

What people are now asking is what is really behind the Liberal Democrats opposition to having playing fields in Eagle Drive?

Is it really to protect the land use or is it no more than an attempt to ‘get their own back’ and continue their attempts to prevent the Saints development as retribution for their disastrous showing at the ballot box in 2011?

Only they can give the real reason, the problem being of course is that no-one will believe them after years of spin and opposition to the Saints and towns sports clubs.

In the meantime congratulations to everyone involved in supporting the sports field developments and I’m sure they’ll be well used.