You Couldn’t Make It Up – Could You?

A few weeks ago I wrote a Blog about the goal posts fiasco in the Bellinge Field entitled “Never mind the Grosvenor what about our goalposts”, now whether it is something that someone has got against Bellinge, Billing and Ecton Brook I don’t know but I thought I’d share the latest incident with the discerning readers of my blog.

A couple of weeks ago I reported that one of the dog bins on Bellinge Field (still minus goalposts) had been set alight which melted the lid as shown in the photo and requested that a replacement be fitted

Problem Bin No Longer Serviceable

Given that I had previously been told there wasn’t any money left in the budget for three dog bins to be installed in Three Mile Walk, Ecton Brook my hopes weren’t very high.

So imagine my surprise and satisfaction this morning to see that a new dog bin has been fitted.

So everything is alright with the world?

Well Yes and No.

What’s remarkable is that there is obviously, like the goalposts issue a “putting in team” and a “taking away team”, the photo speaks volumes with the old dog bin having been left behind.

You simple could.t make it up – could you?

It is common to hear people in Billing and Ecton Brook say the Borough Council just simply don’t know what they’re doing, and from what I am told it is a common refrain across the Borough in recent times.

The usual “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing argument”.

So here’s a question,

If NBC cannot organise a coordinated approach to the installation and removal of a dog bin what chances for the  larger more complicated projects?