Credit – Who Cares Who Gets It – Just Deliver

Please sir look at me?

“Me Sir – Me Miss” – We’re Not at School

When I was at school there were always at least one and sometimes more kids in my class who were so desperate for attention that no matter what anyone said they almost always claimed that it was just what they were thinking.

You know the kind, the one who immediately shot their arm up in the air with a look of extreme anguish on their face fearing that they were being overlooked and pitifully crying out that

“Me sir me sir, I was just going to say that”, or

“please miss; please miss I’ve been thinking of that for weeks”

whenever a fresh idea came up or the teacher praised someone in the class for something they said or did.

It was amusing at the time and of course no-one believed them but we were children and had more important things to think about, like boys, girls, football etc. and how to explain our reports to our parents.

But of course like the vast majority of people, even the attention seekers grew up and got on with their lives.

So I hear you saying, where is this going?

At the April Northampton Borough Council meeting the Labour group put down two motions, one to bring back the St Crispin’s Fair and another calling for a commitment from the Borough Council to support the Credit Union initiatives.

What was interesting at the time was that as soon as Labour submitted the motions the Conservative administration announced that they had been thinking of it for some time and it has to be admitted with some amusement to the opposition Labour acknowledged that the administration had succumb to pressure and there was no need to proceed with the debate.

2 – 0 to Labour, and the frustration on the Conservative Leaderships faces was palpable for all to see.

Some weeks ago Terry Wire the Leader of the Borough Council Labour group and I added a recommendation to an all-party Customer Services report calling for a full review of the Enterprise Waste Contract following a flood, (perhaps a poor term given this summer’s weather) of complaints from residents across Northampton about the level and quality of service being provided such as half of Great Billing recently not having their bins emptied.

This was also influenced by a response from Cllr Caswell the Cabinet Member responsible for the waste management and grounds maintenance contract at the same Council meeting which I have added for people to read and which demonstrates that only 8 weeks ago the administration apparently saw no problems with the service,

“Councillor Palethorpe asked if the Cabinet Member was happy with the monitoring of the Enterprise contract and with the savings achieved. Councillor Caswell commented that he was happy with the arrangements so far.

Labour then announced that they would be putting a motion to the next full council calling for an immediate review of the contract, the motion being submitted on Monday of this week (25th June).

Is there a desperation to steal the credit to cover failure?

Today (28th June 2012) there is an announcement from the Leader of the Council that along the lines of ” please sir, please sir I decided this last week and need the credit” he was going to initiate a full review.

Can anyone in Northampton really believe that if the decision had been taken last week and given the administrations love of making media announcements it would not have been all over the Chronicle and Echo, Twitter and the BBC?

Northampton Labour in Listening to the people of Northampton and don’t really mind that the administration appear to be so desperate to claim the credit, what is important is that the contract is reviewed and that the promised improvement in the service is delivered to the taxpayer.

What is also important is that lessons from the implementation and transfer of the waste collections and grounds maintenance services to a private company are learned to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

So 3 – 0 to Labour

and those who seem to have never left the desperation of looking for attention in school may well one day realise it isn’t how the adult world works

Of course it might be fun to see how many times we can get the “me, look at me” response.

But that would be childish, wouldn’t it?

Labour Motion to Full Council on 9th July 2012.

This Council notes that the previous Liberal Democrat Administration negotiated the contract with Enterprise (EMS).  The contract was signed on April 20th 2011 and came into force on June 4th 2011.

This Council further notes that the Enterprise contract has not yet delivered the promised performance for Northampton nor given the expected value for money. 

This Council therefore asks the Cabinet member for the Environment to start a comprehensive review, which will take an in-depth examination of where the contract with Enterprise has fallen short and how this might be rectified in the future. The findings of such a review should be made public to all councillors and local taxpayers. 

This Council further asks that the Cabinet to ensure that penalties are made in future when Enterprise does not fulfil its contractual responsibilities. 

Proposed by: Cllr Geraldine Davies

Seconded by: Cllr Terry Wire DL