Town Centre Regeneration – History Repeated?

“No Right Turn”?

Town Centre Regeneration – History Repeated?

With all of the quite correct concerns about the recent delays to the regeneration and development of the Grosvenor Centre and the impact on not only other Northampton Town Centre regeneration but on the reputation of Northampton Borough Council it might be worth delving even further back in the town’s history.

It appears that in the past when as some people now say the whole ambiance and nature of Northampton was changed because of what was then the ‘new Grosvenor’ development arguments raged as to whether it would ever happen.

Lest we forget, “We did once have cranes on the skyline”

Well as we now know it did and as the photos show we actually had cranes on the skyline.

If you look carefully it may be a warning but there is a “No Right Turn “sign that was left during the construction phase.

Do you thing they were at the time sending out a subliminal message and would it be relevant today?