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Labour Group Welcomes PCC Candidate – Lee Barron

Northampton Labour Group

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 Labour Group Welcomes Candidate

Northampton Labour Group welcomes the selection of Lee Barron as the Labour Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner.  Lee is somebody who will protect frontline policing.

The Tory / Liberal Democrat Coalition is reducing the Northamptonshire Police budget by £20million less in March 2015 than what it was in March 2010.  When inflation is taken into account this equates to approximately 13% of their gross revenue expenditure.

This means

  • 148 LESS Police Officers in Northamptonshire in 2015  than in 2010.
  • 434 LESS Police Staff in Northamptonshire in 2015  than in 2010.
  • 22 LESS Police Community Support Officers in  Northamptonshire in 2015 than in 2010.

The Tory and Lib Dem candidates fully support these cuts whereas Lee Barron believes they are unnecessary.  Nationally the Labour Party is opposing cuts of this magnitude to the Police.

Meanwhile at the local level Tories have cut funding for Police Community Support Officer (PCSOs), CCTV and reduced street lighting.  Labour strongly fought these local cuts to public safety services as well.   Lee Barron will be highlighting the poor Tory record and the fact that the Tories have refused to listen to resident concerns.

Northampton Labour has long-standing commitment opposing directly elected Police Commissioners, as we believed it was change for changes sake.  However, Police Commissioners are now on the statute book and therefore Labour is making the best of these new posts.  Northampton Labour Party is running a campaign to protect frontline services from unnecessary Tory spending cuts.

Cllr Terry Wire, Leader of the Labour Group, says

“I welcome the selection of Lee Barron as Labour’s candidate for Northamptonshire Police Commissioner.  In this election, Labour will be highlighting the cuts made to Northamptonshire Police by this Tory / Lib Dem Coalition Government.                                                                     

Locally the Tories record is no better as they have cut funding for PCSOs, CCTV and streetlights.  Labour opposed these cuts.  We shall be working with Lee Barron to put Labour’s alternative plan forward.”  



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